Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Mission

I consider all religions to be products of the human intellect & of human creativity. Thus, all religious knowledge & experience is also the heritage of non-believers, since we too are human. The goal of this blog is to explore & suggest some constructive methods as to how non-believers and believers (in Buddhism and all other religions that can be found in Sri Lanka) in Sri Lanka & the world wide Sri Lankan community - the Sri Lankan diaspora - can work together to accomplish useful objectives. Further, additional goals include inquiriy into and discovery of various Sri Lankan secular/atheist/agnostic traditions & views & practices as well as inquiry into same aspects of the religions in Sri Lanka & the diaspora. The end goal of this blog & this project is to help make living in this world a better experience for all Sri Lankans and other humans on Earth (helping to end poverty, lack of food & housing, lack of education & employment opportunities, supporting freedom of religion as well as freedom from religion, supporting security of the body & property, & supporting individual rights & freedom to build wealth, as well as supporting the creation & implementation of good laws & supporting the turning of Sri Lanka into a land ruled well by just laws, also a land free of racism and oppression that arises out of race theory - to name just a few items of concern for this blog & project).

This blog was inspired by Buddhism related conversations held at the comments section of a Groundviews post.

Constructive contributions, in the form of comments or blog posts, are welcome. Send me an e-mail if you would like to write a post for this blog.

- Sujewa


crdesilva said...

Just like the other belief systems Religion was also created by humans. So in a way humans are following what their ancestors gave them. And some do not follow religion or other beliefs. In Sri Lanka we have the right of following whatever the religion we like, to change it or to give up at our will, but in the recent past some of these rights have been questioned.

Secularizing Sri Lanka is one productive outcome for the betterment of all Sri Lankans (

Identifying our secular/common traditions is another creative idea. Independence Day & the “Sri Lankan” New Year should come to the top of that list I guess. Some says visiting Adam’s Peak, Kataragama are some other secular traditions (

SomewhatDisgusted said...

Pleasure meeting you too Sujewa. Great to see the blog's coming along nicely and it was good to see your article on religurd too!

Currently, I think SL is actually doing pretty ok in terms of secularism. But it's important that the fringe lunatics don't get too much power and paranoia doesn't overtake reason!

Here's hoping!

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