Saturday, May 8, 2010

Comments I couldn't leave at Groundviews' Agnostics vs. Believers article

I left several comments today at my Agnostics vs. Believers article at Groundviews, but just a few minutes ago I could not leave a comment there (error message was "could not get captcha free hash"), so, in case that happens in the future, this blog post will be the space that I will use for leaving comments that cannot be left at the Groundviews article. So, here goes:


Hi Chathura,

Thanks for reading & commenting.

RE: "It’s hard for the believers to give up on certain beliefs even though no scientific proof is found."

True, and not just scientific proof - it does not have to be scientific proof - it can be any kind of personal verification - but most people are either just not interested or are not able to check & see if the grand claims made by religions are true/real/accurate. Luckily (for ourselves & others) not all of us are asleep (at least not all the time :).

- S


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