Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One more SL history related post: 2 links re: N.M. Perera

Here's Wikipedia's page on Perera. From the page:

"After his election, he and Philip Gunawardena (the other LSSP member of the State Council), acting as people's tribunes used the State Council as a platform to carry forward the party's struggle to gain full independence for the country from the British. At the time only people like N.M. Perera and the LSSP stood for complete independence for Sri Lanka: the leaders of the Ceylon National Congress were only concerned with obtaining concessions from the British."

And (of course I have to mention this :):

"In 1939, he starred in the first ever Sinhala film."

For more, visit the Wikipedia page.


And check out this article from Daily News.

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