Sunday, May 2, 2010

Groundviews article comments area discussion/debate on the real-ness of karma, etc. gets over 1000 comments

Well, have not been able to post/reply to a couple of comments at this Groundviews article today - because (the reason might be, according to Groundviews) the article now has over 1,000 comments & may have reached the Wordpress limit for comments.

On the bright side, all the comments (specially by BolongodaMan, SomewhatDisgusted, & myself, & also Heshan) in response the the Belivers Team :) (Yapa, Wijayapala, Off The Cuff) clearly established that karma, reincarnation, & nirvana cannot be shown to be actual elements of the real world/real universe - using modern science, math, or any other method that can be verified by a non-beliver.

So, go read all the comments at the article (it may take you a while). The mysterious device of the universe known as the Wordpress comments limit may have ended that conversation/debate. But I'll post my comments from today, the ones that I was not able to post at the article, at this blog later today or at some point tomorrow.


SomewhatDisgusted said...

Hi Sujewa, Saw your post on GV.
Maybe we can switch to this instead!
Frankly, I'm not sure there's much point though, unless we want to see the same arguments reborn again for the Nth time ;-) I think the point that needed to be made was made well enough.

I actually feel that out of the available religions, Buddhism is a relatively good one. Unfortunately, the attitudes displayed by practitioners in SL are hardly worthy of the label. Absolute truths indeed!

Believe me, I'm not opposed to people trying to find the truth through meditation or whatever. In fact, even if someone were to smoke a leaf to see the truth, that's ok too. Who knows right?

But this conceit of being namesake guardians of holy truths and the resultant paranoia, is what creates unnecessary problems. Religion needs to be in its proper place. Out of govt!!

Sadly Sujewa, I'm not sure how this kind of silly paranoia can be dealt with.

The Sujewa said...

Hey SomewhatD,

Yeah, still working on getting my computers to be able to post at G-views, very strange - should have it fixed soon. In the meantime, here is my latest comment re: Yapa & proof of karma, etc. (i'll get this over to G-views page soon if I can):


Yapa is unable to produce any sort of real proof for the existence of karma, reincarnation, and nirvana as real items in this world (way back up on the comments he claimed that he can show - using modern science & math - that he can show how karma, reincarnation, & nirvana are real, & now he says he cannot). Instead of admitting that karma, reincarnation, nirvana are faith based items that exist in Buddhism, Yapa is trying to evade facing his failure or error in judgement by saying that most people would not be able to understand a modern scientific explanation of karma, reincarnation, nirvana or other aspects of Buddhism (or he is saying that since modern science speculates about counter intuitive items such as multiple dimensions, etc., that speculative items in Buddhism are also somehow validated as true/real via modern science).

No matter what, the simple truth is as follows: Yapa or no other beliver here is able to show, using modern science & math or just simple ordinary observation skills or using some type of secret/arcane knowledge that karma, reincarnation, nirvana are real aspects of this world/universe.


Do not worry if people here cannot understand what you may write using the very difficult to understand scientific language that you claim to know that proves the existence of karma, reincarnation, & nirvana - just write it out & post it here. If we cannot understand/make sense of what we read then we will find an expert who can interpert it for us (as I've said/offered many times before).

Or just admit that karma, reincarnation, nirvana are faith based items of an old & great religion - very easy, no harm done, & everyone knows (more or less) this is the case now anyway - don't let your pride get in the way of truth :) - the truth, as the saying goes, will set you free.

- S

SomewhatDisgusted said...

Sujewa, The GV posting seems to work ok. Perhaps you need to clear your browser cache?

/SD (I really need to shorten my stupid name)

The Sujewa said...

Hey SD,

Get ready, that G-views debate is about to be re-born in a major way - you'll have a lot of typing to do this weekend I think :) Luckily, we are arguing for/in favor of a very simple & easy to prove thing - that it is impossible to show that k,r,n are real. Talk to ya soon.

(yeah, i think perhaps the problem is w/ my router, will check - re: not being able to post at that Gv article from home)

- S

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